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Regular Roof

keeping your assests covered

Regular roof style has a bend on each side from the roof to the sidewall with a 6" overhang front and back. Comes with horizontal roof panels which allows the corrugated ridges on the roof panels run from front to back or end to end. This style also comes with trim on front and back for a finished appearance.

The Regular roof style is the most economical unit since it does not have the hat channel to support the roof panels, the ridge cap, the eave side trim nor the welded transition from the roof bow/truss to the post.

All regular roof styles can be constructed in 14 & 12 gauge steel tubing and in certified configurations. We can customize any carport to fit all of your everyday storage needs. Any carport can be turned into a fully enclosed garage. Units longer than 36' should utilize the vertical roof style since our longest panel is 36' long.


examples of our regular carports

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